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This is the personal blog of Offbeat creator Tommie McDonald. Here you will find articles, opinions, how-to’s and other musings that compliment the show.

Dating strong women

Dating Stronger Modern Women

Step aside, old-school dating rules—modern women are taking the lead, and some are out-earning their partners. In this new dating landscape, who picks up the tab? How do you handle her success? Dive into our no-nonsense guide on dating strong, successful women without losing your cool or your wallet. Let’s

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Scarlett Jones BBC Worship

Is BBC Worship Racist?

Our latest episode tackles a topic that’s both a popular fetish and a subject of debate: BBC worship. We’ve got Darrell Deeps and Scarlett Jones with us to discuss what it really means and its implications on race and stereotypes. This is an episode that’ll make you think twice. We

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