White Supremacist Porn Sites Need To Be Shut Down

Heavily Censored version

Uncensored version – Warning Violent Sexual Assault is shown

This podcast episode is too explicit for YouTube and Spotify. It shows graphic scenes of extreme racism and violent sexual abuse of black and Asian women on the GhettoGaggers, FacialAbuse and other websites owned by D&E Media.

Recent episodes of LustCast feature interviews that uncover the grim practices within D&E Media, a company infamous for non-consensual content. We talked to Paul Mulholland, who spent two years investigating their operations, and Felicity Feline, a victim of their FacialAbuse site who faced relentless harassment for speaking out.

This episode delves deeper into their content involving Black and Asian women, revealing the company’s particularly hateful treatment of these groups. The material we discuss goes beyond shock; it’s more disturbing than war footage or horror movies.

We start by examining clips of their leading male talent, known as Bootleg, engaged in shocking and racially offensive acts. This company’s videos are riddled with explicit racism, surpassing even the most extreme cases. Their content makes even white supremacists look moderate.

The disturbing content doesn’t stop there. We also discuss the harrowing experience of Kitty Catherine, who faced emotional abuse, humiliation, and a violent assault by two men. Her tragic fate, taking her own life later, adds to the horror.

We also highlight the company’s abusive practices towards Black and Asian women, including pushing boundaries, inducing vomiting, and placing them in non-consensual situations.

Actual Neo-Nazis

D&E Media even featured a known Neo-Nazi as one of their leading performers for eight years. We mention his 2020 arrest on terrorism charges, raising questions about the company’s associations and their lack of accountability.

In the final part, we scrutinize the industry’s regulators, including hosting providers, Visa, and Mastercard. We question their involvement in profiting from content that promotes racism and rape while claiming to champion diversity and inclusion.

To wrap up, this episode was emotionally challenging for me, as it exposed a dark underbelly of the adult industry. It’s disheartening to think that millions are consuming this daily. However, it has strengthened my determination to fight for change in the industry. The porn industry, at its best, can be a force for good, leading the way in societal and technological advancements. It’s crucial to protect talent and hold those who exploit it accountable.

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